Moments frozen fresh and bright.
Laundry 1

Laundry 1 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 2

Laundry 2 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 3

Laundry 3 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 4

Laundry 4 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 5

Laundry 5 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 6

Laundry 6 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 7

Laundry 7 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 8

Laundry 8 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 9

Laundry 9 10" x 10" $300.

Laundry 10

Laundry 10 10" x 10" $300.

All works shown on the website are framed and are available for sale and ready to hang. Her work ranges in size from 4" x 4" to 30" x 40".

Most Recent Resume 2012-2017
Juried Gallery Member at the Port Clyde Art Gallery, Port Clyde
Kefauver Studio Gallery, Damariscotta
Atlantic Motor Company, Wiscasett
Juried shows in Maine:
River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta
The Maine Coast Artist Gallery, Friendship
Rockland Public Library
Aldermere Farm Gallery, Rockport
Mars Hall Gallery, Tenants Harbor
Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Belfast
Jackson Memorial Library, St George
Artascope at Bickford Education Center, Yarmouth

Her recent exhibitions (2014-2017) are at Port Clyde Art Gallery, featuring over French Farm House Interiors, A Taste of Maine, Boats & Cuban Vehicles as well as scenes from Monhegan Island.

DiTa has studied encaustics with Otty Merrill, Helene Farrar and Kendra Denny. She will have a show of her encaustic art Aug 17-23, 2017 at The Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor. She also debuts her chapbook "Reach up and Trap a Handful of Sky"

DiTa has an image in the COCA (Center on Contemporary Art: Seattle, WA) Playing card deck #1. (Click on the COCA Love Button below to purchase.)

Florals & Plein Air Gardens
now on sale at The Flower Goddess

June 14 - Sept 15, 2017 Various Subjects @ Port Clyde Art Gallery (Port Clyde)
June 1 - August 30, 2017 "Vehicle Close-Ups" @ Atlantic Motor Company (Wiscasett)
Sep 15 - October 9, 2017"Monhegan Days" @ Kefauver Studio & Gallery (Damariscotta)
April 3 - June 23, 2017 "Inside View"@ Maine Farmland Trust Gallery (Belfast)

  • Laundry 1
  • Laundry 2
  • Laundry 3
  • Laundry 4
  • Laundry 5
  • Laundry 6
  • Laundry 7
  • Laundry 8
  • Laundry 9
  • Laundry 10

About the Artist: DiTa has worked with watercolors for 15 years and other media (Polaroid transfers and digital photography) with past gallery shows in Texas, Connecticut, Maine, New York and Florida.(1985-2000)

Recently, she is painting with acrylics, has studied with Dan Graziano, Philip Frey, Bobbi Heath, Irene Plummer, Debra Arter and Angela Anderson. DiTa resides in Tenants Harbor, Maine. She is known among her fellow artists as a "colorist."Every painting is like a wonderland reflection of the best parts of the world. Ever impulsive, bright, and whimsical, DiTa's artwork reflects the vibrant colors of her soul. There's an integrity and honesty captured in each piece that will inspire a sense of wonder and exploration in her viewers and collectors.

DiTa is also a poet & has been published in the Goose River Anthology, Jump Lines, The Loft Anthology Lay Bare the Canvas and A Goldfinch's Winter Garden a chapbook. Her poetic aesthetic is whimsical yet controlled. She enjoys writing in traditional forms as well as in free verse. .

Artist Statement: My work is a connection to my everyday: evocative colors, unexpected patterns of light or the sublime quality of ordinary objects. Beginning with canvases primed in purples, reds, yellow or black, I work to create a current, vibrant painting. The underpaintings make the colors vibrate. My paintings evolve with fearless broad strokes and bright colors from drawings, plein air sketches or photographs. While being primarily self-taught, I have combined the influence of prominent artists with whom I have studied to develop a style of my own: images - moments frozen fresh and bright.

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